Our mission is to overcome the failings of a broken mentorship and network system for women entrepreneurs and future female CEOs. Our founders have first-hand experienced them when they started their careers…

Hillary's Story

During her early years, Hillary soon realized the dearth of women mentors. To get guidance and support, women often had to rely on textbooks and male mentors who couldn’t understand the unique challenges of women entrepreneurs.
In 2014, after having a wealth of experience, Hillary began a speaker series in Los Angeles 2014. The series gave a platform to women who have run successful businesses against many odds. Ambitious women tuned in to learn the successes, failures, and critical ingredients needed to excel in their businesses.
One of the early success stories born out of the events was Nicci Levy, Founder of cosmetic micro-treatment enterprise Alchemy 43, who secured her first investor, Toni Ko, founder of NYX cosmetics. And that fuelled our journey further.

Wendi's Story

After more than 23 years of being an attorney and insurance executive, Wendi could no longer sit silently about a total absence of women mentors. She proactively took the lead and guided her female colleagues.
She encouraged them to talk about their challenges and pushed them to transform their perceived weaknesses into strengths. She gradually took more women under her wing and mentored them in running their empires.

How Wendi Met Hillary... The Birth of Boss Talks

Wendi and Hillary’s paths crossed in 2018 when introduced by co-founder John Hall. They began talking about the impact they were making in connecting and mentoring businesswomen. Both realized, they were a dream team!
“We wanted to play bigger and needed to take our efforts regional, national and global. By connecting with women leaders in several other cities across the country and globally who were equally passionate about creating opportunities for and supporting other women in their businesses, we launched and grew the Boss Talks network across the U.S. and Canada.
Our mission is to put as many women entrepreneurs as possible on their paths to being seven-figure success stories.”
– Hillary and Wendi

With passionate women joining us from all walks of life,