Discover How A Mentor Can Help You Elevate Your Biz (And Lifestyle!)

You’re an entrepreneur. No, let’s rephrase that . . . You’re a powerful boss lady! 

Congrats, you’ve already set yourself up for success by choosing this entrepreneurial path.

But, as you probably already know, starting your own business is never easy. It’s a risky (and often stressful!) endeavor. 

Along the way, you’ll undoubtedly experience a range of highs and lows. Mostly highs! But there will be days where you’ll consider throwing in the towel and walking away.

We’re here to tell you: Don’t. It’s all part of your entrepreneurial journey!

And the great thing about being on this journey is you’re not alone. 

Women aren’t meant to do everything by themselves (nor should they want to!). And that’s why mentorship is so crucial.

Surrounding yourself with empowered women can help you navigate the challenges of running your own business – and it might just be the key to your success.

Fair warning: Finding the right mentor isn’t always easy. But when you meet the right one, we promise it will be worth the investment of your time.

So how do you go about meeting the mentor who’s right for you?

Mentors make magic happen

Of all the women-owned businesses in the US, how many have made it to six figures?

Not sure? 

Just 2%. Seriously!

So if you want to grow your revenue to that level (and we’re guessing you do!), you’ll want to surround yourself with women of that caliber. 

With a mentor by your side, you’ll get direct access to years of on-the-ground experience. A mentor who has “been there, done that” (and who’s willing to share those stories with you) is worth her weight in gold.

But that’s not all. A great mentor will help you navigate the common pitfalls new female entrepreneurs face – including all the challenges that come with having a busy life outside of work. Only a seasoned pro can help you dodge the mistakes most newbies make. Making mistakes is all part of the journey, but you don’t have to make all of them to gain the lessons that come from falling down and picking yourself back up, time and again.

And good mentors are always surrounded by other exceptional women. You’ll get direct access to years of on-the-ground experience. And you’ll get to tap into an established network that’s rich with invaluable resources and insights. 

But, more importantly, a mentor can help you gain the confidence you need to elevate and grow your business. 

Don’t just take it from us. 92% of business owners in the US agree that mentorship plays an essential role in their success. 

And if that’s still not enough to convince you of the importance of mentorship, consider what Indra Nooyi the former CEO  of PepsiCo (and one of THE most successful businesswomen), had to say on the topic:

“If I hadn’t had mentors, I wouldn’t be here today. I am a product of great mentoring and great coaching.” – Indra Nooyi

Finding a mentor who gets you

Too often, businesswomen pour everything into their work while everything else – friends, family, hobbies – takes a backseat. That’s #HustleLife, right? 

Honestly, for years the “hustle culture” seemed like the only way you could experience success as an entrepreneur. But if you’re reading this post, running yourself into the ground probably isn’t on your vision board. 

It is possible to live the entrepreneurial dream and enjoy the fruits of your labor. But to do so, you’ll need to surround yourself with like-minded women who are already living the life you want. 

So where can you find this elusive dream mentor? You could search online, attend every single networking event ’til you drop, or hope that by sheer luck you’ll bump into her on the street. But the best way to get connected with a mentor who can really elevate your biz is by joining a ladies’ business community. The mentors in these groups are vetted by proven business success professionals and committed to cultivating community. The best communities have people running them who already have a lot of experience and wins under their belts to share, and their one goal for the community is to send the elevator back down.

BUT, before you go and sign up, you need to know what exactly you’re looking for.

What to look for in a mentor

Finding the right fit has as much to do with you as it does with the mentor you choose. 

Start by reflecting on what you want to manifest in your life. What type of boss do you want to be? What kind of life do you want? And what type of mindset will help you foster your dreams as you build your business?

Then paint a picture of the type of mentor you want. Do they: 

As you can see, finding the perfect fit might take time. But the journey itself is an opportunity for you to grow as an entrepreneur! 

You’ll meet women who you’ll click with right away – the kind of women who make you think, “Ahh! This is the type of freedom and life I want to have.” 

At the same time, you’ll probably meet people who may not be your first choice as a mentor. You can still learn from them – and what you don’t like about the way they do business could be just as valuable as what you do like. 

You can even end up with more than one mentor and pick and choose the lessons and experiences you want to apply to your life. The more experience and expertise you can draw from, the more prepared you’ll be as you face challenges as an entrepreneur. 

Ready to find your business mentor? You don’t have to do it on your own. Instead, join our Boss Talks community and surround yourself with women who want you to succeed as much as you do. 

Join our community and discover awe-inspiring mentoring sessions led by coaches and entrepreneurs who know their stuff (and have the awards to prove it!). Your membership unlocks a worldwide community of ladies in business who all share the same vision – and want to help each other to the top. 

It’s not just about the support you need to boost your revenue . . . It’s about the connections you need to really thrive (in business AND in life!). 

It’s your job to put yourself on the path to success, but you don’t have to walk that path alone. Join the Boss Talks Women’s Community today and find your next mentor.

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