Nicci Levy, founder and creator of hot beauty service brand Alchemy 43, was not only our first speaker for 2020, but is Boss Talks network’s first success story.

While setting up her business, she attended our Boss Talks event where she connected with her first investor, our speaker Toni Ko, founder and creator of Nyx Cosmetics.

As a cosmetics and skincare expert and a forever lover of the beauty space, some of her earliest and best memories include watching her mom get ready, date nights with dad, and being the go-to makeup artist in her social circle. When it came time to find a part-time job in college, Nicci took her passion to Benefit Cosmetics where she gained formal training, and even had the opportunity to work abroad. It was there that she realized she could have fun, experience professional success, and have a meaningful impact on the confidence and lives of others—all through a career in the beauty industry.

Nicci went onto a 10-year career in corporate cosmetics at companies including MAC Cosmetics; Nordstrom, where she piloted a personal shopping program for cosmetics and skincare; and ck Calvin Klein Beauty, where she launched their cosmetics line as the Director of Global Sales and Education. With an insatiable appetite for growth and a pure fascination with the ever evolving trends and techniques of the industry, Nicci was excited to learn about the medical aspects of micro treatments, and saw the shift as a natural next step in her career.

Before founding Alchemy 43, when her light bulb moment occurred, Nicci held the role of BOTOX®, JUVÉDERM®, and LATISSE® Business Development Manager for Allergan in Beverly Hills. Now that Alchemy 43 is thriving, she’s excited to continue demystifying the world of micro treatments and the common misconceptions that come with it. Nicci and her talented team are ushering microtreatments into the modern day. Boasting an infectious energy and a radiant smile, Nicci proudly and passionately enables people to look and feel their best. And when she’s not educating and empowering her clients to feel their best, she can be found tasting delicious wines, breaking a sweat at the gym, and heading to her favorite independent theater to get lost in a film every Sunday.


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